Connie's Tips & Tricks
Our mission: Sew Wonderful Dreams' mission is to design quality patterns that are easy, enjoyable and entertaining for all of our friends who love to create.

10 Tips for
1. Read the fusible instructions
2. Reverse pattern if necessary (all our patters are already reversed)
3. Trace the pattern onto the paper side of the fusible. (use a lightweight fusible.)
4. Assemble design on the appliqué pressing sheet
5. Use a permanent marker, if called for, on the design before removing from appliqué sheet
6. Use pressing sheet as pressing cloth when applying the finished design to background fabric.
7. Use a smaller needle such as a 70, making sure it is sharp for satin stitching
8. Satin stitch over raw edges of the design using tight close stitches.
9. Place a stabilizing paper under background fabric to satin stitch
10. Pre-wash fabrics if significant shrinkage could be a factor – especially background fabrics.
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 Applique designs
Making Designs
using Fusible
You will need the following:

Pattern - check to see if the pattern needs to be reversed - (all our patters are already reversed)
Fabric – for the design
Fusible Web – (we use Wonder Under but many fusibles are available, as long as it is a lightweight - #805 works best.
Background or Base – for the design (this could be fabric for a quilt block or a ready made apron)
Thread – usually 40 weight, but can be glitzy or decorative

REVERSING THE PATTERN ~ If the pattern reversed will be a problem for the design, you will need to reverse it before tracing the design on the fusible. (The alphabet would be backwards so must be reversed first.) To reverse a pattern, using a light box or at the window, trace the wrong side of the designs onto paper – this will be your reversed pattern.
MAKING YOUR DESIGN ~ Trace each pattern piece onto the paper side of fusible. Rough cut the traced pattern pieces out and iron onto the WRONG SIDE of the appropriate fabrics. Cut out on the line and remove the paper. **follow fusible instructions when ironing onto fabric.
ASSEMBLY ~ Put the pattern placement on the ironing board under an appliqué pressing sheet. We recommend the Bear Threads appliqué sheet as it is very transparent and heavy duty. Iron each pattern piece onto the sheet in the logical order to complete your design. When design is cool, remove from the sheet and iron the completed design onto background fabric.
SATIN STITCH ~ A close tight zigzag stitch over the raw edge of the design is called a satin stitch. Stitch width can be a “3” and length is just above a button hole stitch ~ maybe a “.5”. Use a small needle, such as a 70, place paper as a stabilizer under the background fabric and stitch through the design, background and paper for great results. Remove paper by tearing away.